Meet Amina.

In Amina’s village,
this is what it’s like
after sunset.

Our mission is to ensure
that kids like Amina and all
rural West Africans live in modern homes.

Our modernising mission drives what we do. As a social enterprise, we’re committed to re-investing the majority of the profit margin we make on the products we sell into scaling and deepening our impact on the customers and communities we serve.


Best-in-class technology adapted to rural settings

Mobile-enabled consumer financing to make our products affordable

Last-mile distribution to bring them right into our customers’ homes

Our solution starts with pay-as-you-go household solar and extends to a range of other modernising products and services.

1. Payment is made via mobile money

2. The customer receives an with SMS an unlock code

3. Entering the code unlocks the system until the next payment is due

We recently launched our operations
in Côte d'Ivoire.